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Pet Grooming Care

Thank you for choosing Happy Tails Pet Grooming & Spa for your pet’s grooming needs.

We will ease your burden by providing the gentle care you want and your pet deserves. As a true pet lover our goal is to make the spa experience as pleasant as possible to your beloved Love.

Regular grooming is essential to your pet’s overall good health. Bathing and brushing helps to prevent painful mats and removes shedding hair.

Once your fur-baby has arrived, you will have your choice of several optional Spa Services that we offer, some are for fun, some are intended to address certain skin and coat issues.

Our prices are based on the individual needs of each dog because they come in all shapes and sizes. Condition of the coat, behavior of the pet and any special attention needed can add to the cost of the groom, but the estimated prices below are general guidelines for average and common breeds.

Pet Grooming & Spa Packages

BASIC Spa Package

Bath, Blow dry, brush out, Ear cleaning, Nail Trimming, cologne, & lots of love!

Deluxe Spa packages

Paws free of hair, Nails clipped, sanitary trim, ears cleaned, Bath massage, Air dry, brush out, Conditioner gel/cologne & lots of Love!

Executive Spa (Complete) Package

Paws free of hair, Nails clipped, sanitary trim, ears cleaned, Bath massage, Air dry, brush out, full cut based on breed or owner’s requested style (when possible), bandana/bows (upon request), cologne, & lots Of Love!


The Furminator De-Shed Treatment:

Bath using De Shedding solution treatment using the furminator De-shedding Tool. Price added to any package.

Rs 100- 300 fee extra added to any package

Flea,Lice,& Tick Traetment: Rs 100*/-

* spot on/Spay Price extra

Anti-Pyoderma /Anti fungal Bath: Rs 100- 200*/- extra


Free for 5 minutes

Medium Dematting : 5- 15minutes Rs 100*/ Extra added to any package

Excessive Dematting:

Happy pets does not dematt longer than 15minutes.

Extensive and prolonged dematting is painful for your pet. Dematting of younger pets tends to make them dislike grooming to the point where they may become biters and may need to be muzzled or sedated to be groomed. Dematting elderly pets can be so stressful that it may jeopardize their health. For these reasons, if your pet cannot be completely dematted in 15 minutes,
Happy Tails Recommend that it be shaved down.

Grooming Spa for Cats:


Adult Cat

We can only give estimated prices until we meet your pet and determine what will be required to give them a “Best In Show” Quality Grooming! Every dog is different and we want to tailor your pups spa day to fit their needs!

Call today for an appointment or stop by for a tour, you won’t believe it until you see it….
we look forward to pampering you & your Loved one! Seasonal discounts will be available.

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