Infertility / Breeding Management of Pets

Infertility / Breeding Management of Your Pets

Services for novice and professional breeders.

We are proud to offer one of the few Veterinary Canine Reproduction programs. Dr. Krishna kanth has extensive experience and training in many reproduction techniques and works closely with breeders to decide what is best for their breeding program.

  • Breeding Soundness Evaluation
  • Infertility Diagnostics
  • Pre-Breeding Screening and Testing
  • Pregnancy Evaluation
  • C-Sections

Breeding Soundness Evaluation

  • Done every 12 months for all dogs actively being used for breeding.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of health that ensures there are no health concerns prior to breeding.

Infertility Diagnostics

  • Infertility has many causes and is more common as dogs get older and have been used more for breeding.
  • Fertility problems don’t exclude a dog / cat for breeding but they do make it more difficult.
  • Having a breeding plan is very important.

Fertility Issues

    • Failure to conceive
    • Frequent cycling
    • Sperm or testicular abnormalities

Infertility Services

    • Evaluation of overall health and organ function
    • Semen evaluation
    • Vaginal exams
    • Timing of breeding to maximize the likelihood of conception

Pre-Breeding Screening & Testing

Brucellosis Test

    • We are proud to be a Brucellosis-free hospital
    • We require a Brucellosis negative certificate within the last 6 months for all breeding dogs
    • Same day results along with a certificate of the negative test status

Breeding Timing with Progesterone Levels

    • Timing is critical in breeding to maximize the chances of a successful pregnancy
    • We use progesterone testing for ovulation timing to determine the optimal time for insemination
    • We have in house progesterone testing and the results will be given same day

Baseline Blood Work

    • We recommend baseline chemistry/ blood counts +/- thyroid levels prior to breeding
    • If there is underlying disease, pregnancy may make these conditions worse
    • Ensuring you are breeding a healthy dog is critical to the well being of parents and pups
    • Additional services and tests are available – please ask if there is a service you would like

Pregnancy Evaluation

Abdominal Ultrasound

We work closely with local vet Ultrasonography providers for quick evaluation

    • Evaluates the presence of pregnancy
    • Estimate due date +/- 3 days based on measurements
    • For the most accurate calculation, schedule between days 25 and 40 post-breeding
    • Not accurate for counting puppies – a radiograph later in the pregnancy is needed for this
    • Ultrasound measurements are especially important for planned c-sections, as the timing of delivery is critical for puppy survival

Abdominal X-ray for Puppy Count

    • Information regarding the number of puppies
    • See signs of potential complications (large singletons, dead pups, etc.)
    • Scheduled during the last week of pregnancy to ensure puppies are visible


  • Planned or emergency
  • Our team is highly skilled in this procedure as well as post-whelping care of puppies
  • Available during our office hours Monday – Saturday
  • We work closely with several local emergency hospitals for patients with after-hours complications


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