Pain Clinic for Your Pets

Pain Clinic for Your Pets

Do you have a pet or a patient suffering from CHRONIC PAIN? Is the pain affecting their QUALITY OF LIFE and you want to improve it?

If the answer is YES, we are here to help your pet.

What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain is considered when it persists well beyond the normal healing time of the inciting cause (normally more than 3-6 months) or it can be the result of an ongoing noxious stimulus (E.g. osteoarthritis, cancer).

Sometimes the pain is more severe than expected based on the inciting cause (as reported by humans) and it can be localized at sites other than those affected by the original condition (E.g. referred pain or contralateral limb or back pain due to positional changes).

Chronic pain is debilitating for the animal, impairing normal activities of our pets (such as playing, running, going up and down the stairs, jumping on/off the sofa!) and reducing their quality of life. There are multiple conditions that lead to chronic pain, including osteoarthritis, cancer, disc disease, syringomyelia, etc.

These diseases are normally progressive and debilitating, requiring frequent assessment and appropriate updating and modification of the treatment plan as the disease progresses.

Now that the understanding and treatment options for chronic pain are expanding it is becoming more common to include it as part of our multidisciplinary integrated veterinary approach. Also, an increasingly number of owners are becoming more aware and concerned about their pet’s reduced mobility and behavioural signs of pain and are willing to improve their quality of life.

What we do?

The treatment of chronic pain is not simple and usually requires an integrated approach, including multimodal medical management and other therapies such as acupuncture, mesotherapy, laser therapy and/or steroid injections, where appropriate. For a better outcome, these treatments should be combined with weight management, modification of lifestyle and an exercise/physiotherapy program.

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